Krakow-Balice Airport.  Security control – the Port of Malopolska wants to purchase modern CT scanners, and significant passenger amenities are also on the horizon

Krakow-Balice Airport was the first airport in Poland to launch a procedure to purchase ten modern cabin baggage security control systems. This information was provided by Malopolska Port authorities on social media. The advent of devices will mean great convenience for travelers.

Krakow-Balice Airport authorities announced that the latest technological solutions, using CT scanning, are primarily aimed at increasing the comfort and speed of passenger service. “The subject of the action is the delivery, installation and launch of ten special, modern CT scanners, thanks to which passengers will no longer have to remove liquids or electronic devices from their luggage,” said Radoslaw Vucek, Chairman of the Krakow Board of Directors. airport.

He added: “We want – to follow the example of other airports in the world – to simplify inspections and improve the quality of service for our customers! We know from our experience that CT scan works great when working with checked baggage.”

The city of Schiphol in Amsterdam has already introduced modern CT scanning systems using 3D technology. At the end of last year, Great Britain announced that by June this year most UK airports should have high-tech scanners. In recent months, changes have also been introduced, among others: at Helsinki Airport.

The date of the appearance of the new devices at Krakow-Balice Airport has not been announced.

Tests at Warsaw Chopin Airport

In the second half of last year Tests of a modern device for checking cabin baggage were carried out at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

The capital's port authorities also do not rule out the possibility of purchasing scanning systems. “PPL is at the stage of preparing tender documents” – we can read in the response of Polskie Porty Lotnicze sent to the editorial office of the works of in mid-March.

Data released by the Civil Aviation Office show that in 2023, Krakow-Balice Airport served approximately 9.4 million passengers in domestic and international traffic, both regular and charter. In this regard, Malopolska Airport is only surpassed by Warsaw's Chopin Airport – about 18.5 million passengers. Gdańsk Airport was on the lowest rung of the platform – approximately 5.9 million people.

Main image source: Longvin Media/Shutterstock

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