The Witcher Sirius will invite players into an open world.  The game aims to present rich Slavic stories

In May, CD Projekt confirmed that there were problems among the creators of The Witcher Sirius, but it appears that the team is back at work and needs more specialists. The latest job posting hints at an open world story.

In the middle of the year, CD Projekt decided to say goodbye to 29 developers because it turned out that The Witcher, developed by The Molasses Flood, needed a complete update. The game has been restarted, but everything seems to be going in the right direction.

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The latest trailer for The Witcher Sirius confirms that players will enter a large world with many interesting elements for loyal fans of stories filled with Slavic motifs.

In the upcoming game The Molasses Flood, we will enter a world that we will be able to explore freely The developers’ goal is to create a game rich in gameplay and dense stories in the “Slavic open world” of The Witcher.

The Witcher Sirius will also focus on the online mode, but at least currently we don’t know if the production will offer players a full campaign.

However, it is difficult to say when The Witcher Sirius will be released on the market. It’s likely that the developers will be using previously developed content, but we currently don’t even know the initial release date.

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