The Skywalker Saga on graphics comparison.  Is it really a new adjective?

The latest production signed with the famous LEGO logo turned out to be a real success, beating all its predecessors and setting a completely new record of popularity for the legendary brand.

We had to wait 3 years for the new Lego block game from Traveler’s Tales to be released, which, given the company’s previous fast pace of publication (several games a year), seemed like an eternity. So did the developers use this time correctly while working to develop the engine and prepare the world on a scale unprecedented in the LEGO Series?

It turns out that the title on PS5 and Xbox Series X targets true 4K resolution, i.e. 2160p at both 30fps and 60fps, and the Xbox Series S tries to maintain 60% of that value and renders the game at 1296p. PS4 and Xbox One are up to standard 1080p for themselves. The problem in all cases is only dynamic resolution, so image quality can vary.

Fortunately, when it comes to game smoothness, this game stays consistent at both 60fps and 30fps, even considering the PS4 and PS4 Pro tested by the Digital Foundry team. What are your impressions of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga?

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