Final Fantasy XVI may be released in Polish;  It will be a big surprise
December 18, 2022, 08:32

According to unconfirmed reports, Final Fantasy XVI will be the first installment of the franchise to get a Polish language version.

Image source: Square Enix

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There are many indications of this Final Fantasy XVI You will receive the Polish language version. This would be the first such case in the course’s 35-year history.

  1. The source of these reports is the store play asia. on the assigned card FF16 The available language versions of the game have been listed, including Polish.
  2. Of course, for this information to be officially confirmed, it must be approached with a great distance, but it is difficult to imagine why a foreign store specializing in importing products from Japan would make such a mistake.
  3. It is worth noting According to Play-Asia, the Polish localization will be cinematic, that is, with subtitles. So we won’t get a dub, but having any polarization would still be a huge event, given the history of the series.
Final Fantasy XVI may be released in Polish;  It will be a big surprise - Illustration #1

Source: Play-Asia.

It is difficult to assess what might prompt Square Enix to change its publishing strategy for our market. One theory is that it’s thanks to Sony’s interest, which used to offer Polish-language versions of titles exclusive to PlayStation consoles.. However, in case Final Fantasy VII Remake There was no mention of the Polish localization, despite the fact that the production was only available on PS4 for a long time.

mention it Final Fantasy XVI Coming to PlayStation 5 and PC. The console version will be released on June 22nd. Sony has a 6-month exclusivity for this title, so we’ll likely have to wait for the PC version until early 2024.

  1. Final Fantasy XVI – The Official Website

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