Battlefield 2042 is a 'big disappointment'?  EA is said to be considering switching to the F2P model

After a long silence, DICE has begun more work on Battlefield 2042, leading to the first update in 2022. Fans of the series still have to be patient, as there are still no details about the start of the first season of the competition. It is said that the publisher can take very decisive steps to provide interest in the game.

Tom Henderson has been sharing behind-the-scenes information about the Battlefield series for months and it must be admitted that sooner or later most of it will turn out to be true. At the moment, however, insiders don’t have much good news for shooting fans. EA is apparently very disappointed with the production results and is considering various options to improve the situation. Among the analyzes of the current situation, there is the topic of moving to a free 2-play business model.

EA is said to be very disappointed with Battlefield 2042’s performance and is “looking at all options” when it comes to the title, including considering Free to Play to some extent.

I’ll have more on this tomorrow.”

Interestingly, even before the new version debuted, we could get unconfirmed reports that one of the modes was available for free, and its main goal was to encourage as many recipients as possible to play the game. However, this did not happen, and Electronic Arts released the item at full price.

It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 is not very popular – even the creators of the cheat have put a cross on the title. According to Steam data, only 8,054 players appeared on the game’s servers in the past 24 hours at a crucial moment. For comparison, Battlefield 5 has collected 20,956 players in the past 24 hours.

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