The war between the Internal Security Service and Obajtec.  Will Tusk suffer a blowback?  “There will be a scandal”

Homeland Security issued a negative opinion for Orlin Nuclear Corporation Synthos Green Energy (OSGE), owned by Orlen, is managed by Daniel Obajtek and Polish entrepreneur and investor Micha Soowow. The opinion concerns fundamental decisions regarding the construction of modular nuclear reactors (SMR), the investment of which – in ABW’s opinion – “improperly protects the interests of the state treasury, including Orlen”.

Despite this, the Ministry of Climate and Environment, headed by Anna Okaszewska-Trzsiakowska, issued six basic decisions on the construction of six reactors.

On the other hand, the Secretary of State’s office issued a statement informing the company that the Homeland Security Agency never met with its representatives or with the American company GE-Hitachi, which supplies the technology, regarding the reactors. ABW also did not know the location data requested. “We do not know on what basis the ABW issued its opinions (…). We are convinced that these are neither objective nor professional reasons,” the Public Prosecutor’s Office said.

Minister of the Interior and Administration and Coordinator of Special Services Mariusz Kamiski responded to these allegations. “The claims of the OSGE administration regarding the ABW opinion on the request for a fundamental decision to build a nuclear power plant in Poland contain manipulation and lies,” he said on the X platform.

The whole thing was described in slightly simpler words on TOK FM by Maciej, host of the “EKG” show. Gogovsky. – The company that brings together Orlin and a private investor publicly says that ABW is useless and issues a statement about this – the journalist commented, and then sarcastically stated that it was “a bit of a controversial situation”.

Newsweek’s Konrad Sadursky used stronger words. – It’s a big disaster. As I understand it, the Homeland Security Agency doesn’t like the fact that Obajtec, who is not the server’s favorite, would make this investment, but they don’t like the Solo family either. They did not provide any justification, and the only argument was that it threatens the interests of the state. Why, if these are American technologies and private works? – the journalist asks.

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“Courage increased”

The commentator also criticized OSGE’s move. In his opinion, if Orlin had been a private company, he would have thought twice before making a similar announcement. – But since it is a company controlled by the state treasury and headed by Daniil Obajtic, the courage has increased – Sadorsky said.

Carolina Hetrick-Brusica drew attention to another aspect of this issue. This is a technology in its infancy and has not yet been applied in practice, so we do not know how it will develop. This is a very serious matter and should not be leaked to the media at this level – the economic journalist at EKG pointed out.

It is not known when the ABW-OSGE-Ministry of the Environment dispute over the reactors will end, but it is certain that it will not be under the current government. Therefore, the government of Donald Tusk, and especially the future Minister of Climate and Environment Polina Henning Kloska (Poland 2050), will have to explain the scandal.

The Law and Justice Party’s accusations against the future government regarding the wind farm bill and the alleged lobbying for German industry have not yet subsided. According to carolina hitrick proseca we will deal with the reactors with repeat entertainment. – After the Windmill Law, the Law and Justice Party is trying hard to accuse the current opposition of exerting pressure, saying that lobbyists rule the Polish Parliament. So, when Henning Kloska comes and makes a decision, which she will have to make, it will open up a whole set of arguments for PiS. “It will be a scandal,” the journalist said in an interview on TOK FM.

Donald Tusk also commented on the issue during Friday’s conference. The whole thing was called an “unprecedented exchange of blows.” – This two-week government of Mateusz Morawiecki unexpectedly made a decision that contradicted the opinion of the Internal Security Agency – said the leader of the PO.

He added that he would not have raised this issue “if the situation had not already been clearly disturbing.” – If the ABW-controlled forces, even in their camp, draw attention to the risk of endangering Polish interests in such an important matter, (…) these are standards that are already below all standards. We are talking about energy security, about tens of billions of zlotys that the Polish state will spend on these small nuclear power plants – emphasized the head of the PO. He added that this civil war, over such an important issue, should raise the greatest concern.

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