June 2, 2023


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Wirtualna Polska - Everything is important

Wirtualna Polska – Everything is important

Farmers complain that they are forced to sell vegetables and fruits to middlemen at their expense, sometimes even at less than their cost. Meanwhile, the same agricultural products in stores subsequently cost several hundred percent more. Who drains our pockets and why has nobody done anything with them yet?

Those who do daily errands know: the prices of vegetables and fruits are not low. Stores are horrible. It’s different with farms. He charges very little for vegetables and fruits. – Buying new potatoes now costs about 30 grouse per kilogram. The same potatoes can be bought in the store for 2.5-3 zlotys per kilogram – for example, offers Michał Kołodziejczak, leader of AgroUnii.

He also adds, the farmer does not usually deliver his crops to the markets himself. Realtors are doing it for him. Sometimes there are several of them.

– Some retail chains have an agreement with a middleman from whom they only take goods, but they must be delivered at a specified low price. If a farmer begins to rebel and does not want to give up his crops for the price of their production, the middleman looks for another producer in the country or imports vegetables from abroad – says the farmer.

A torrent of job offers. Will salaries go up? The expert replies

He claims that such imported goods are repackaged in Polish packaging while abroad, as in the case of the Dutch islands, who entered the country as Polish. – Nobody controls how much of this commodity enters the country, or what is its quality – the leader of AgroUnii believes.

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