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Unfortunately, fuel prices are set to rise again. Experts agree on this. They explain that next week may lead to higher diesel prices.

Analysts from claim that between August 29 and September 4, the price of diesel oil will rise to 7.44-7.61 PLN per liter. This is the repercussions of the war in Ukraine and the difficulties in supplying the market with fuel. It was largely imported from Russia.

Diesel fuel prices may rise again by 20-40 cents per liter. The achieved retail margin level does not allow to cover the ever-increasing prices of wholesale diesel, which have increased since August 11 by about PLN 0.70 per net liter. Continued rise in wholesale diesel prices will raise prices at stations to the maximum for this year, almost 8 PLN per liter – write analysts from BM Reflex.

It will be more expensive at gas stations again

Drivers who supply petrol, petrol, and automatic fuel are in a better position. We learn from the announcement that in the coming days a liter of Pb98 will cost PLN 7.42-7.58, and “95” will cost PLN 6.53-6.66 / liter.

On the other hand, Autogas should remain at the level of PLN 3.14-3.23/l. Of course, these are not the prices that drivers dream about, but it must be clearly emphasized that they are better than they were some time ago, for example, the price of a liter “95” was more than 8 zlotys.

Until the end of the summer holidays, you can take advantage of the promotions that many gas stations have tried to offer. Networks such as Orlen, BP and Lotos have introduced special measures. After the conditions are met, you can save up to 40 pounds per liter. At the moment, it is not known if there is also a chance of any respite from September.

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