September 27, 2022


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The smartphone exploded - the manufacturer will cover the cost of treating the victim

The smartphone exploded – the manufacturer will cover the cost of treating the victim

smart phone explosions They are neither common nor common. However, individual cases are announced and memorable. No wonder, after all, it’s about the hardware that accompanies us at every step. Many people sleep with a smartphone next to their head. That’s why it’s so important that the hardware is correct blast protected. These types of events can cause permanent damage to health and trauma to the user.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that all the lights are pointing towards the smartphone OnePlus Nord 2. The device caught the attention of consumers not with its standards, price or performance, but with the failures that led to it smartphone explosion I hurt the owner. The first event occurred in early August. The second is on the first day of November. Interestingly, both incidents occurred in India.

On November 3, an entry from Suhita Sharma appeared on Twitter, in which the author described the unfortunate incident involving Smartphone OnePlus Nord 2. The phone exploded in the pocket of an Indian user. Now we find out Smartphone Manufacturer In constant contact with the victim of the accident. OnePlus paid the consumer for the phone and offered to cover all medical expenses. However, this may not be enough, because the burn mark on the groin looks very serious and it is likely that the victim will leave a permanent “memento” of it.

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