Maluchy and Polonaises battle it out, armed to the teeth, in Polish Fumes for Mad Max fans
November 16, 2023, 8:23 pm

author: Zuzana “Zozolik” Domiradzka

A small group of Polish developers are working on Fumes, a game in which heavily armed cars from the People’s Republic of Poland battle it out live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A production demo is available on Steam.

Image source: Vapors Team


If what you liked most about Mad Max from 2015 was the amazing car battles, then this is the next one Fumes It may also catch your eye – although the machines are heavily armed here. Production in retro style It’s headed to Early Access on Steam.

W Fumes We drive our cars and customize them – some of them are very similar Famous Polish car models from the time of the Polish People’s Republic, such as the Żuk, Polonez or Fiat 126p, known as “maluch”. Our car isn’t just used to drive across huge procedurally generated wastelands, because The main task of the player is to destroy the enemies and bosses they encounter using the weapons installed in the vehicle.

During clashes, we will collect upgrades for our Polonaises on steroids, which will be useful in defeating more difficult enemies. The creators point this out Fumes It will be free of microtransactions, loading screens, and fast travel points, which will likely interfere with the game Explore the world. Below you can see the trailer of the game that was released some time ago.

if you are interested Fumesl on the steam You can download and run the production demo version. Thanks to this, you will find out if you like the distinctive but chaotic model of driving and skirmishes with opponents.

Fumes Initially, it will not offer any multiplayer modeYou will not be able to destroy other players’ vehicles or traverse wastelands with your friends. Creative people They are not excludedThis multiplayer mode will be added to the game in some capacity, but for now their priority is to provide the best single player experience possible.

It is worth noting that to Fumes It is handled by a small four-person team of Polish developers. They plan to release the game first in Early Access on Steam, and after about a year, make it available in its full version. The creators are under further development They want to add new missions, bosses, vehicles, mechanics (including special vehicle abilities), and modding support to the game.

Unfortunately We don’t know exactly when the title will be available for early access And whether it will later be released on platforms other than PC. If you want to stay up to date with all the information regarding… FumesYou can join Discord server Customized for production.

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