Andorra - Poland.  We have playoffs.  What are the risks in the Hungary match?  - El.  world Cup

  • After Andorra’s defeat and England’s victory over Albania, nothing will take Poland out of second place in the group.
  • The Poles will play a two-stage qualifier, where there will be no rematch
  • The final group match will not be without a bet, as our team will fight for the play-offs before the draw
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Poland has not yet participated in the World Cup, but it is already feeling confident in the play-off matches. Both conditions are met for this to happen. That is, Poland beat Andorra, and England beat Albania. The latest performances above could still threaten our team if they snatch points from the Sons of Albion. However, this did not happen.

On November 15, Poland will play Hungary in the last match of the group stage, but not in the final qualifying match. The result of this confrontation will not have an effect on the position in the group, but it will not be without significance. It’s better to win to ensure you get the ranking and the best position before the play-offs. Play-off matches consist of two phases, and the classification will mean that we will play at home in the semi-finals.

How does it actually work?

The twelve teams will be divided into three tracks of four teams each. In this way, they will create semi-final pairs, and the winners will face a direct duel for promotion to the World Cup. Most importantly, there will only be one match in each of the two rounds – there will be no rematch.

First of all, the top six qualified teams will be ranked in terms of points (second place). These teams will definitely play the first round at home. The remaining four teams and the two teams from the League of Nations will be drawn to them. In the finalists, the seeds would no longer matter. The host match will be decided by a draw in November or December.

Who will be transplanted?

In the first round of qualifying draw, the teams that collect the most points in the qualifying rounds will be ranked. However, it is important that in the general table of teams ranked second, points scored against teams in sixth place will not be counted. All because some groups have five teams.

For Poland, this is a very important piece of information, because if we managed to take second place and find ourselves in the playoffs, then in the summary table on the basis of which the teams will be ranked, we will not have to add points and goals scored by San Marino. So we will have to subtract six points from our achievements.

Who can we face?

The final round of qualifiers will say a lot, but Poland’s potential opponents are: Portugal or Serbia (Group A), Spain or Sweden (Group B), Italy or Switzerland (Group C), France, Ukraine, Finland or Bosnia and Herzegovina (Group A) Group D, Czech Republic or Wales (Group E), Scotland (Group F), Netherlands, Norway or Turkey (Group G), Russia or Croatia (Group H), North Macedonia or Romania (Group). j) and two teams of the League of Nations.

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