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Korzystanie z bankomatu

The service operates in banks on the weekend from December 17 to 18, 2022. Where will the difficulties be?

In the weekend before Christmas, some banks have planned service work. This means that its customers should prepare for difficulties, including those related to electronic banking services. Some people will not be able to withdraw cash. Check out those affected by the difficulties.

Service work in banks, December 17-18, 2022

Service work will be carried out in these banks:

  • PKO BP – 12/18/2022 from 03:00 – 04:00
  • Pekao Bank – 12.18.2022 from 03:05-03:38
  • ING Śląski Bank – 17.12.2022 / 18.12.2022 from 0:00 to 05:30

in addition to At BNP Paribas, service work will continue on the night of December 21/22 (Wednesday to Thursday) between 22:00 and 01:00. Due to business, the portal will not be available.

Bank PKO BP – what will we not do during service work?

PKO BP reported that “between 03:00 and 04:00 You will not be able to use: iPKO and iPKO Internet and Telephone Services; open banking jobs; Payments in online stores using the Pay with iPKO service. In addition, the iPKO Biznes mobile application will not be available, while the IKO application will only allow you to withdraw money at ATMs, and pay in stationary and online stores only with BLIK .

Payment cards will work at ATMs in stationary stores. It will be possible to authorize payments with the 3D-secure 2 card only using the SMS code and the card PIN. Bank request scheduling important transactions prior to maintenance work.

Bank Pekao – What won’t we do while serving?

Bank Pekao informed that “during this time: you will not log in to the Pekao24 website and PeoPay app; you will not use the Pekao24Makler app and the Pekao eTrader platform; you will not use the Bank’s ATM and payment terminal and BLIK; you will not transfer funds from your credit card.” They were asked to withdraw cash from ATMs in advance, as well as order important operations, such as transfers in electronic banking services.

ING Bank Śląski – What will we not do during service work?

ING Śląski Bank announced that the bank’s clients will not be able to:

  • make a transfer from your credit card account,
  • Perform operations on cards in electronic banking services,
  • order payment cards, activate cards, change transaction limits and set PIN codes,
  • pay online with cards with 3D Secure service, i.e. cards additionally confirmed in the application or with a one-time SMS code,
  • Assign cards to the phone in the Moje ING Mobile application,
  • Add Mastercard cards to external wallets (Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, and Google Pay).

Furthermore, loans will not work as well as sales for checking and savings accounts. It will be difficult to submit applications both in the application and on the website, to deal with cards in the ING Business system, as well as to use custody services and some applications.

The bank required to make the necessary transfers and purchases outside the service hours.

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