Thousands of people have downloaded the e-Paragony app.  there is a problem

Let us remind you that the so-called Receiving Center was launched on September 15 of this year. Meanwhile, the e-Receipts 2.0 application has been made available to taxpayers. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store. 20,000 did so. the people.

However, as we reported from the beginning at Business Insider, no one was able to collect the electronic receipt using the ministerial application because there are no cash registers connected to the receipt center in the market. What changed this month? A few.

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As we reported, the problem lies with the cash registers. Today there are more than one million online and virtual cash registers. However, they do not have the function of connecting to the HUB. Without it, no one will download the electronic receipt. At least when it comes to the Ministry of Finance’s request (We explained how this will be done in a previous article). Contacting HUB will require a cash register software update.

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The Ministry of Finance indicates in a statement that:The first cash registers that allow the issuance of electronic receipts have already appeared. And that “Manufacturers will also be offering software updates for online cash registers in the coming months“.

In other words, Electronic receipts from the management application will be available within a few months. Today, e-Paragony is still more of a software for managing a household budget and entering paper receipts than an e-receipt tool.

The Ministry does not hide this. This indicates that today In the application you can add traditional receipts received in the store “manually”. The application also allows “the ability to store receipts and sort them according to the types of expenses incurred. There are 18 categories to choose from, such as: food, entertainment, restaurants, electronics, beauty, or services.”

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