Giant lightning bolt.  The limit of one million small businesses has been broken

One million small businesses exceeded in March – Results of the latest data summarizing the first quarter in the field of photovoltaics, published on Friday by the Polish Association of Electricity Transmission and Distribution.

The total capacity of small facilities in Poland is already 7.3 gigawatts. “In the past few years, we have seen a dynamic increase in the number and capacity of small installations connected to distribution networks, many times exceeding the assumed expectations. Most of them are photovoltaic (PV) installations, mostly small consumer installations, connected to the DSO network on a notification basis” – comments PTPiREE.

According to the organization’s estimates, in 2021 nearly 400,000 people joined. The new micro-installation, which translated to 3 gigawatts of capacity. At the end of last year, the total installed capacity was more than 6 gigawatts.

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The boom also continued in the first quarter of this year, when nearly 152.8 thousand people were connected. New small combinations. For comparison: In the first quarter of last year it was 64 thousand. small establishments.

The Poles wanted to do this before the changes

Not without importance to such great interest in photovoltaic cells in recent months should be the fact of that Since April, the billing system for electricity produced in the home has changed.

According to the new rules, the generated energy must be used immediatelyAnd And reselling the surplus at the market price. The problem is that during the day its price is less than half compared to the night and in the evening, you have to buy it back, because without the sun the photovoltaic panels will not produce energy. This means that the return on investment will be greatly extended.

Realizing this, in the second half of last year, when it was already known that the government would introduce changes, the Poles began installing photovoltaic cells in large numbers. Yes, to “catch” the existing accounting rules. Who made it before the end of March this year, You will be billed using the current discount system It will retain its rights for another 15 years.

The government provides funding

On April 15, the call for applications for the next edition of the “My Electricity” co-financing program for micro-PV installations began. This time around, the government will pay extra not just for the photovoltaic cells themselves. Funds will also be available for purchase of heat and energy storage, as well as for smart energy management systems. Whoever decides to acquire a complete set can count on more than 20000. zlotys.

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