The Russians in the Italian Villa Zelensky?  The agent is speaking

According to El Tirreno newspaper, Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife were to rent their villa in Forte dei Marmi to a Russian couple. The Ukrainian president was supposed to collect up to 50,000. Euros per month.

Claudio Salvini, the real estate agent who deals with the villa, categorically denied this information. He said in an interview with the newspaper “La Stampa” that the owner of the property prevented the Russians from renting it. – We can rent to anyone, as long as they have a different nationality: for Europeans, Americans, etc. – he confirmed.

What was written was fake news. The villa was rented to a couple for the summer – he indicated, without specifying the nationality. – Now it’s empty, so it’s back in the market. He said: If anyone wants to hire him, I invite you.

Salvini added that he may have heard someone speaking Russian as he passed and concluded that there were Russians in the house. – But I categorically deny it. He said they might have been guests, but they weren’t the tenants.

Villa Zelensky in Italy

According to the website, Forte dei Marmi is the trendiest holiday destination in Tuscany, located in central Italy. There come Italian actors, singers and businessmen.

After 2010 Also, many Russians appearedbuyers of villas overlooking the sea, and Versilia, the northern coast of Tuscany, became ironically referred to as “riviera russa” (the Russian coast).

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