We live in the age of robots and automation. Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing and reaching levels where more and more people are having difficulty distinguishing between its activities and human work. This applies not only to simple activities, but also to art.

For many years, creative work seemed to be something only people could do. After all, machines and software have no imagination. It turns out they don’t really need it. One of the Internet users boasted about the achievement of a program that deals with creating graphics. Won an art competition.

We’ve known for a long time that AI can surprise you. However, hardly anyone expected that he would be able to outperform real, experienced artists. This happened at the Colorado State Fair competition, where Internet user Jason Allen, using the pseudonym Sincarnate, won first prize.

Artificial intelligence is better than humans

In the Twitter post, we can read about the details of the entire project. The winner of the competition used the Midjourney program to create an image. He produced hundreds of works, selected the three best of them, printed them on canvas and sent them to the competition.

The winning painting was entitled “Spatial Opera Theatre”. I have to admit it looks great and it’s no surprise that it was awarded by the jury. But for obvious reasons, this issue caused a lot of controversy.

Netizens participated, wondering if the images created by artificial intelligence can be called art at all. After all, what is created depends entirely on the images of other creators, and human work is limited to setting the program and starting the process of creating images. On the other hand, the organizers of the competition did not forbid the use of tools such as Midjourney, so Allen did not break any rules. This means that in the definition used by them, his image is 100 percent. It should be considered a work of art.

Karol Kotowski, journalist at dobreprogramy.pl

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