War in Ukraine.  Załużny's resignation.  Kyiv notified the White House of this

The Washington Post, citing confidential sources, reported that White House representatives neither supported nor opposed the dismissal, claiming that it was Ukraine's sovereign decision.

War in Ukraine. An important change in the army. The White House has been notified

Reports have been circulating in the media for some time about the imminent dismissal of Zalozny and the conflict between the general and the president, and the British Financial Times wrote on Tuesday that Zelensky had made a decision on this matter.

The Ukrainian president allegedly suspects the army chief of having political ambitions. The two also allegedly argued over the issue of mobilization to replenish the size of the Ukrainian army. During Monday's meeting with the president, Załużny was to insist on conscripting 500,000 people into the army. Young Ukrainians, but Zelensky opposes such a large number and was supposed to draw attention to the high financial and political cost of such a decision.

Załużny speaks on CNN

On Thursday, Zalozny published a script on CNN calling for a revolution in the approach to the war, referring to the Russians' numerical superiority and mobilization problems in Ukraine. The way to overcome these problems, he wrote, is to change the way war is conducted on the basis of unmanned systems and the latest technologies.

According to the Washington Post, it is unclear when the decision will be announced, but Zelensky will change his mind unlikely. Among the candidates for the position of new commander are the head of military intelligence, General Kirilo Budanov, and the commander of the ground forces, General Oleksandr Sirsky. However, the former – according to The Washington Post's sources – loves his job and “may just want to keep destroying things in Russia,” while the latter is unpopular among ordinary soldiers and is blamed for heavy losses while defending Russia. Bakhmut.

Bidron in “Guest Events” about changing the constitution: Do not give a razor blade to a monkey/Polsat News/Polsat News

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