February 4, 2023


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Ukraińscy żołnierze są szkoleni z obsługi przekazywanego im sprzętu (fot. STR/NurPhoto via Getty Images, zdjęcie ilustracyjne))

Great Britain. Johnson: Ukrainian soldiers are training in Great Britain and Poland

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed for the first time that Ukrainian soldiers are being trained to use equipment also delivered to them in Great Britain. By the way, he said that training in the use of anti-aircraft equipment takes place in Poland.

Material losses of Ukraine during the war. shocking world bank data

The material losses incurred by Ukraine so far due to the damage to buildings and infrastructure during the Russian invasion amounted to about 60 billion …

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– I can say that We train Ukrainians in Poland to use air defense And in this country (in Great Britain – ed.) regarding the use of armor – Johnson revealed during his stay in India, where, among other things, he would persuade the authorities of this country to break relations with Russia.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister later confirmed that There are currently dozens of Ukrainians in Great Britain.

Sky News, citing a government official, said that more than 20 Ukrainian soldiers arrived in the UK last week for training to handle 120 military vehicles handed over by the British government to Ukraine.

In addition to training in the Mastiff, Wolfhound and Husky armored vehicles, the Ukrainians will have the opportunity to learn how to use the Samaritan ambulance and the Sultan and Samson armored reconnaissance vehicles.

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