The Road to Finland is one of the successes of FlixBus.  We ask the manager what the next step is

As Michał Leman says, you can travel from Poland with FlixBus to 22 countries. This is a record for the network – even Germany (the country where the network originated) does not have many connections.

– But the destination most appreciated by Poles is Poland itself – notes in an interview with Business Insider. Where exactly were we going last season?

In summer, the seaside was very popular, but also the mountains and intercity connections between the main centres. We want to go sightseeing, even if the stay is not very long. This year, stays were generally shorter, mainly due to inflation. So it does not have to be a trip to the seaside for a week, or, for example, to Lublin or Zamosc for the weekend – says the Managing Director of the company in our market.

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