Sugar production is increasing in Poland.  ‘The situation is back to normal’

According to Richard Bartosek, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, there is enough sugar in Poland, and even more than last season.

For several weeks, the topic of sugar being bought in bulk from supermarkets has appeared in the headlines of almost all media. Poles went to stores to buy large quantities of this product, fearing its shortage and increasing prices. The same thing happened with fuel, which suppliers could not keep up with to bring to gas stations.

According to RMFM radio, Deputy Agriculture Minister Ryszard Bartoszyk reported that last season, 2.3 million tons of sugar were produced in Poland and added that it had increased by almost 16% over the previous campaign.

This means that the sugar industry in Poland produces more sugar by about 300-600 thousand tons. tons of internal consumption – Bartosek said.

The Deputy Minister also referred to the fact that there is always an increase in the demand for sugar in the summer season due to the preserves produced in homes and large processing plants.

The attractive price of sugar offered at retail in some retail chains attracted not only retail customers, but also confectioners and confectioners. The high demand for sugar caused a shortage of it on the shelves. Logistically, retail chains have not kept pace with customer demand, and at the same time the price of sugar has risen – admitted Ryszard Bartosic.

He added that empty shelves in stores received media coverage, causing panic among consumers.

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