These retirees get bigger salaries than the president.  Pension register from ZUS

In the first half of the year alone, more than 163,000 people retired. People – this is according to the latest ZUS data. The catalyst for the shift to utility was record indexation of 12.3% this year. Head of ZUS Prof. Gertruda Ossinska revealed to Fact the highest amounts of interest that the factory is currently paying after the March indexation.

The minimum pension is currently PLN 1,000. Total PLN 588.44. However, it turns out that there are people who get a much smaller amount. The “record holder” gets only 1 Groozes – According to the data provided by the President of ZUS Prof. Gertruda Uścińska “Faktowi” during the 23rd Economic Forum in Karpacz. – This pension is received by a woman who worked under an authorization contract and has a working period of one day and an accumulated pension capital of PLN 2.98, says the head of ZUS. In contrast, the man with the lowest pension receives 2 grozi per month. – He had his own project, had a contribution period of 1 day and raised capital of PLN 4.47. – confirms the professor. Osinska. According to him, this is a result of the applicable law, which assumes that only one contribution qualifies you for a pension.

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