Corona virus pandemic.  The Dutch economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter

The authors of the CBS report note that the economy is doing much better than they expected. The upward revision is due to new data on the healthcare, financial institutions, transportation, tourism and catering industries.

“The increase compared to the second quarter of last year is massive: 10.4 percent” – we read in the office study.

The number of new jobs is also increasing. In the period from April to June, 153 thousand of them were added, that is, by 20 thousand. More than previously assumed.

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Economists are surprised by such good economic performance. “It appears to have caused increased consumption after the pandemic restrictions were eased,” says Dr. Iris Brandsma, an economist at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

CBS economists also point to improving household income. “It is related to an increase in the salaries of employees” – they emphasized in their report.

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