The return of Danny Turcotte's "Left Field."

Danny Turcotte is the best. Also, Danny Turcotte is good. Twenty months after leaving Everyone is talking about itThe comedian regained the composure and, above all, the confidence he needed to return to the stage and start a new chapter.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

For example, Danny Turcotte may have returned to familiar territory by presenting a one-man show. But no desire. “I’ve been asked, I’ve met, I’ve been invited to dinner, I’ve been offered teams. They wanted me to do a gala at Comediha, at the Just for Laughs festival.

Danny Turcotte returns where no one (or almost) expected him: in the world of documentaries at Savoir Media, an educational television channel. His first project, On the men’s side, airing this week. It is a series by director and producer Jean Roy (Live together everyone, Art Science) which paints a portrait of modern Quebec men through six themes: sexuality, fatherhood, work, mental health, masculinity, and education.

With a smile, Danny Turcotte talks about a great re-introduction to the industry through the “back door”.

That’s left field. not that Important. But it pays off. This is not nonsense. It’s a beautiful, classic documentary. And I’m proud of it.

Danny Turcotte

Guy A. Lepage’s former quip was right. On the men’s side It’s not a popcorn series that wants to entertain first, like it’s invading Netflix. Instead, it provides evidence from experts without fluff or staging. It speaks of performance anxiety, reluctance to consult, and lack of education.

“It’s a necessary series, Danny Turcotte believes, because it’s something that doesn’t come out in the media. Because we’re raising the issues of guys who have taken their place over the last few years. Many are looking for each other. They’re not in any human country. They don’t know how to react. That’s why we’re opening the debate. I’m not saying we’re going to change the world, but it will help someone who’s home alone in their grief.”

New projects

Like many of the men portrayed in the documentary, Danny Turcotte has questioned himself in recent years. In an interview, the presenter says that she was “marked” by many plays. At the top of the list, he cited the 2016 disappearance of Dominique Levesque, a great partner and companion of the Levesque-Turcot tandem. “It got me thinking. My friend died at 64. I am 57. Life moves fast. »

Another project that has occupied him this fall is the shift in time. For Radio-Canada, it deals with the aging of LGBTQ+ people, especially those aged 75 to 80, who have memories of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s government’s Omnibus Bill coming into force in 1969. Outside the bedrooms.

This is an inspiring generation. He was the first to come out of the closet. But when they come to their residence, they have to go back, because around them, others are not evolving at the same pace. So this is a very sad end of life.

Danny Turcotte

“I want to pay tribute to them, because they worked so hard,” the presenter continues. “Thanks to them, I can be gay in public. I can be on TV. My boyfriend can come and sing me a song. Straight from the universe… And even though he’s 25 years younger than me, well received! »

Danny Turcotte is also producing other documentaries Nobody talks about it, a series in which he meets people who are not in the spotlight, but lead exceptional lives. “I got serious! He laughs. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done. »

Tempo change

After two decades on stage and almost as many on the small screen, Danny Turcotte is relishing the change of pace he imposed on himself when he left. Everyone is talking about it.

I am lucky. I worked a lot. I saved some money. I can choose my plans.

Danny Turcotte

“When I’m gone Everyone is talking about it, I was burned, but I was not burned. In some cases I was very stupid. It was an endless stream for days. When that happens to you, you believe that you are not good, you are rotten. It comes back eventually. It plays in your head. »

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Danny Turcotte

Since his departure, Danny Turcotte says he’s “conquered his demons,” most notably by returning to Radio-Canada’s Sunday talk show. Satisfied with the result and now “immune” to hateful messages on Twitter and Facebook, he happily agrees to participate again sometime.

“In the end, I rolled my tongue 25 times before I intervened. I had lost faith in myself. But quiet not so quickly, it came back. I may need some time to settle in before getting back to real business. »

On the men’s side It will be aired on Savoir Media starting at 10 PM on Tuesday. The series is available online at and YouTube.

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