​Wojska rosyjskie przeprowadziły w poniedziałek zmasowany atak rakietowy na ponad 20 miejscowości w Ukrainie. Jak przyznał Władimir Putin, jednym z celów były obiekty infrastruktury energetycznej. Rosyjski analityk Rusłan Lewijew z projektu Conflict Intelligence Team stwierdził, że prezydent Rosji tym samym przyznał się do zbrodni wojennej.

Russian forces launched a massive missile attack on more than 20 towns in Ukraine on Monday. As Vladimir Putin admitted, one of the goals was energy infrastructure facilities. Russian analyst Ruslan Leviev of the Conflict Intelligence Team Project stated that the Russian president had admitted to committing a war crime.

Vladimir Putin said that Russia launched a massive attack on the energy facilities, military command and communications of Ukraine at the proposal of the Ministry of Defense and according to the plan of the General Staff. Ruslan Leviev said in his daily summary of the war in Ukraine.

It’s very important, The words relating to the attack on energy targets are in fact an admission of a war crime. An attack on energy infrastructure is an attack on civilian infrastructure. The attack on energy facilities and the deprivation of electricity in several circles will not affect the military situation and will not cause the “collapse” of the front or the surrender of Ukrainian soldiers. The analyst noted.

As he added, There can be no military justification for these attacks. This is just terror for the population. It is a war crime aimed at terrorizing civilians – Notice Lugo.

On the Russian side, there was talk of military infrastructure and communication facilities, but so far we have not seen anything like this. We saw a garden, city squares, houses, and a warehouse said the analyst.

In the light of international law, a war crime is, inter alia, “the unlawful and arbitrary grave damage and misappropriation of property not justified by military necessity.”

Conflict Intelligence Team is a project of Russian investigative journalists who perform detailed monitoring and open source analysis of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine. Previously, they dealt with, inter alia, the conflict in the Donbass and Russian military actions in Syria. One of their goals is to document war crimes.

As a result of a large-scale Russian missile attack on more than 20 cities in Ukraine, at least 14 people were killed and 97 others were wounded.

The attack severely damaged Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, and many regions of Ukraine were deprived of electricity and water.

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine announced that From October 11, electricity exports will be suspended. Ukraine exports energy, including to Poland.

Ukraine suspends energy exports, including. to Poland

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