A sex therapist instead of a psychologist: This has happened not once, but twice in recent weeks to CHU Saint-Justin staff, says Jessica Goldsleger, president of the Professional Association of Local Techies and Professionals in Health and Social Services.

At other times, an employee suffering from anxiety had the same opportunity for the help of a sex therapist.

EAP could not hire enough psychologists because the rates offered are lower than anywhere else available in the private sector, She says.

The union representative blamed the government for not providing enough funding for these assistance programs in the health network.

Quebec counts Guards Volunteers among colleagues

Knowing the apparent needs of health workers, the government proposes to fill the gap with trained employee volunteers in support of their own colleagues.

About 8,000 employees will receive training from the Red Cross to intervene with their colleagues and detect signs of suffering. The minister calls them “guards.” They will be supported by 600 other workers, who will play the role of colleagues.

There is anxiety, there is suffering, and you need to act quickly before it turns into a post-traumatic stress disorder.

An excerpt from:Lionel Garmand, Minister of Health and Social Services, quoted by Radio-Canada on May 6, 2021

The trainings started in May and continue these days in 24 companies.

Fear of overwork and secrecy

Quebec asks volunteers to provide this support during their working hours or during breaks. A solution unsuitable for unions.

The program will shift part of this psychological support burden to employees who are already overworked. […] What is needed is a support program that does not stand on our shoulders, it truly meets our growing needs.

An excerpt from:Jessica Goldsleger, President of the Association of Techies and Specialists in Health and Social Services (STEPSQ-CSN) at CHUD Saint-Justin

I don’t think everyone can accept these responsibilities, Describes something that members represent as psychologists and social workers.

Every day we find ourselves in a situation where we have confidential and controversial information about one or more of our co-workers., Jessica Goldsleger explains.

However, there will be a separate department from managers to employees.

In addition, it promises the government, not the alternative

The EAP project upgraded in the first wave did not achieve the desired success, Sarah Bycross, Minister of Public Works, explains to justify the launch of this new project.

However, the Office of the Minister of Health and Social Services would like to point out that sessions with specialists are always available for those in high distress.

The new Peer Assistance Program acts as a complement and aims to provide local assistance within workgroups and does not replace the work of an authorized and qualified worker when needed.

An excerpt from:Contact Sarah Bycross, Minister of Health and Social Services

On the CHU Saint-Justin side, the establishment is currently exploring with the unions how to set up this new project. For the best benefit of the staff.

In our view, this is not a question of shifting responsibility for employees to intervene in psychological care with colleagues, says CHU spokeswoman Florence Meni. Rather, it is a question of allowing co-workers to identify and tell people who may need help.

There is a shortage of psychologists throughout the province, however CHU is reminiscent of Saint-Justin. Investigation Reasons that led to PAE offering alternative services to sex therapists.

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