February 2, 2023


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Panic in the restaurant ... |  The Journal of Quebec

Panic in the restaurant … | The Journal of Quebec

The restaurant is full, the young waiter with no experience, spending his first evening, the cook arriving late, showing no sign of life. Sports Upside down Immersed in the heart of a chaotic evening, where everything goes Too bad.

For viewing on the Premier Act until April 2, Upside downWritten by Blanche Gionet-Lavigne, the small restaurant Gattuso takes the audience behind the scenes, which received a positive review.

The author, who signs on stage, has worked in this environment for ten years, and he has experienced strange and incredible situations.

Entering the small room of the Premier Act, it looks like being in a restaurant. There is tables, a bar and a kitchen section. The staff prepares the following service.

Mark (Jocelyn Barre), manager, Emmanuel (Laura Amar), new maid, Sauce-chef Olivier “La Sauce” (Vincent Massey-Cognay) and artisan Francis (Vincent LeCold). Chef Sandra (Nadia Girard Etahia), she was late.

Suddenly there are too many customers. The sauce-chef has to take responsibility from the chef, the service is slow and there is a shortage of food. As if that weren’t enough, the exterior work shakes the walls of the restaurant. These are all under the eyes of Aldo (Maxim Peron).


It moves, panics, screams and adventures line up. Anything that can go wrong can go wrong. Even if it is very bad.

Disaster is pushed to its maximum, but it is a bit of a phenomenon. It played out great, but the caricature that emerges is admirable.

We see the most successful scene when the chef, sauce-chef and artisan are busy in the kitchen. The sound of knives sounds and the flour flies in the air again in techno techno “beat”.

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Bringing a restaurant to life in the theater is a complex process. We are in appearance and imagination. Food and supplies are missing.

One wonders if Aldo’s owner’s use of English is necessary and appropriate.

Upside down Beautiful caricature of restoration scenes. In adventures, we find that people who work in this field are interested. Also, in the final part of this work which lasts 80 minutes we feel it fully.