The Pole became Architect of the Year 2023. Two projects were recognized

Przemek Gawęda, owner and chief architect of Archigeum Studio, has been named Architect of the Year Awards 2023. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Przemek Gawęda is included in the list of the 40 most promising figures from Europe in the field of world architecture. He claims to relate the design to a directed theatrical scene or film frame. “Designed objects are supports in the space of human life,” we read on the website of his Archigeum studio.

Recently, the international jury of The Architecture Community appreciated the Polish architect for two projects. The first is a multifunctional biathlon stadium, which will be built in the Silesian Beskids in Koopalonka. The project includes professional infrastructure for cross-country skiers, allowing the organization of World Cup competitions or even the Olympic Games. For this project, Gauda was awarded the title of “Architect of the Year Awards 2023”.

The second winning work by Przemek Jawida appeared in the “Sports and Entertainment Facility of the Year 2023” category. Gawęda designed a protective tunnel when running Wilka Krokiv Ski Jump In Zakopane. The smart tunnel project solves the problem of icy and snowy tracks for jumpers. The Pole’s ideas won over several equally interesting projects, including: from Tokyo and Shanghai.

“This award represents a great distinction not only for me, but above all for the entire design team we form. […] The design themes we implement stem from our interests, which is an advantage, but also valuable in itself. The architecture we create is not the result of referendums or opinion polls – it is an expression of our design views and beliefs, because we do not look for or make compromises in design. Architecture is either good or bad – commented Przemek Jauda in

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