Halley’s Comet is farthest from the Sun.  We will wait for years to bring it closer

Halley’s Comet (1P/Halley) is an easily recognizable object that has been observed by people since before our era and many times since. For example, in 1066, it was seen in many parts of the world. A comet occurs in the solar system A 75-year journey is now approaching its climax.

The facility is scheduled to reach its peak this weekend. it will happen On Saturday, December 9thWhen Halley’s Comet reaches its farthest point from the Sun. The object would then be at a distance of 35.14 astronomical units (one determines the average distance of the Sun from the Earth), i.e. Approximately 5.3 billion kilometers.

This means that Halley’s Comet will be outside the orbit of Neptune. It will be so far away that there are no plans to take images with the Hubble Space Telescope or the James Webb Space Telescope. This is because it will not provide much scientific benefit.

The object was there Discovery of the first periodic cometThat is, its orbit is less than 200 years. Their frequency was first noted in 1696 by Sir Edmund Halley. He predicted that her return would take place in 1758, and it happened, although he did not live to see it.

Halley’s Comet was observed close to the Sun in 1986. In 2003, it was imaged (at a distance of 28 AU) by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope and has not been seen since. We will have to wait years or even decades to reach perihelion, the closest point to the sun.

The next perihelion for Halley’s Comet will not occur until then On July 28, 2061 A few weeks later it will be visible from the lowest level in the Northern Hemisphere in the northwest at dusk. The facility has undergone several research missions. These were the Soviet Vega 1 and 2 and the European Space Agency’s Gyoto.

As an interesting fact, it should be noted that in 1835 Halley’s Comet was detected and it happened in the year of birth of the writer Mark Twain associated with it. The American expected the object to return in 1910, and that actually happened.

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