Schedule of the “Poland” group in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. The Whites and the Reds are in second place!  The Czech Republic lost to Albania, but they have a game in hand

Polish representation. On October 12, the Whites and Reds defeated the Faroe Islands in a qualifier for Euro 2024. The Czech team lost badly to Albania. Currently, Poland is in second place in the group, but direct promotion to the European Championship is still far away.

The 2024 European Championship qualifiers were supposed to be a transitional period for the Polish national team. Fernando Santos was tasked with qualifying for the big tournament, but also to rejuvenate the team and test new players. The latter completely failed. The Whites and Reds may also fail to achieve the first goal.

Before the match with Faroe Islands We were in fourth place in the fifth group. Fortunately, we were able to win against a lower ranked competitor 2:0. The Red and Whites will also face Moldova and the Czech Republic. The top two teams from each group will qualify directly for the Euros.

Losing to the Faroe Islands means there is almost no chance of winning Direct promotion. Thanks to the win, our ratings rose to 24 percent. The Albanians also helped a lot by beating the Czech team. Thanks to this, the chances of promotion for the Whites and Reds increased again. Their number is currently estimated at 33 percent. At the moment we have nine points and are in second place. It should be remembered that the Czechs played one less match and collected eight points. All possible promotion scenarios were calculated through the “AbsurDB” profile on the X portal.

If they don’t get an immediate promotion, they stay Playoffs. White and Red will almost certainly participate in it. We can be happy because we performed well in the last edition of the UEFA Nations League. Thanks to this tournament, we will still have the opportunity to participate in the 2024 European Championship.

Albania – Czech Republic 3:0 (1:0)
Objectives: Assane 9′, Sferi 51′, 73′
Red card: Chytil 40′ (Czech Republic – for two goals)

Euro 2024 Qualifiers – Group E Schedule:

  • 1. Albania – 13 points, goals 11-3
  • 2. Poland – 9 points, goals 8-8
  • 3. Czech Republic – 8 points, goals 7-5
  • 4. Moldova – 8 points, goals 5-5
  • 5. Faroe Islands – 1 point, goals 2-12

Schedule of the last matches of Group E

  • October 15, 18:00 Czech Republic – Faroe Islands
  • October 15 20:45: Poland – Moldova
  • November 17, 20:45: Moldova – Albania
  • November 17, 20:45: Poland – Czech Republic
  • November 20, 20:45: Albania – Faroe Islands
  • November 20, 20:45: Czech Republic – Moldova

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