January 30, 2023


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Mate Cash party in the English Premier League!  The goal and assistance of the Polish actor [WIDEO]

Mate Cash party in the English Premier League! The goal and assistance of the Polish actor [WIDEO]

The next English Premier League matches are scheduled for Thursday evening. Aston Villa faces an exit from Leeds. Matti Cash made a crucial pass to Philippe Coutinho in the 22nd minute. Later, he entered the list of shooters himself.

Matthews Kleich, put on the bench by Jesse Marsh, missed the first minute on Elland Road. Another Polish actor, Mate Kasch, played in the visiting team from the start.

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Steven Gerrard’s men tried to take the lead from the start and took the lead very quickly. Already in the 22nd minute they did a job that made them a goal.

Then Lucas Denny broke from the left side. After a French cross, a player from the “Villans” team fell into the penalty area. He spread his hands demanding a penalty kick.

However, the action didn’t end because Matty Cash was on the right side of the field. The Polish actor acted very alert, looking for Philippe Coutinho in the penalty area.

The shuttle played well with the Brazilian, who immediately decided to strike. The ball bounced off one of the Leeds defenders, confused the goalkeeper and flew into the net.

This is Coutinho’s fourth goal in his eighth Premier League career this year. Cash, however, provided a third aid. In the third game in a row, he also played a direct role in the goal movement.

As it turned out, that wasn’t the end of Pole’s performance in this match. In the 65th minute, he himself entered the list of shooters, stunned Mesler with a shot from a short position.

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The match is still going on. Aston Villa leads 3-0 from Leeds. In the 73rd minute, the score increased by Calum Chambers.

0 – 3


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