The new Minister of Science came to the students occupying the residence.  “Goetta is staying! If the Minister of Science says so, it will be so.”

We return to the issue of students who do not agree to sell the building in which the residence is located.

The editors of on the site raised the issue of protest by students who occupied the aforementioned building several times. They did not agree with the decision of the authorities of Adam Mickiewicz University, who planned to sell Goetta. As previously explained, the university did not have the funds to renovate the building, and the funds generated from the sale of the existing university residence were to be used to build a second residence on the Morasco Campus.

However, the students preferred to stay in Goetta, whose location is certainly more attractive because it is located in the center of Poznań, where students are closer to the university or the railway station.

During the protest, the students raised several demands that concerned them, including the issue of providing a canteen for lunch, scholarships, and learning conditions, i.e. rooms in the residence.

New Science Minister Dariusz Wieczorek, appointed by Donald Tusk, arrived in Poznań on Thursday and assured students that Goetta would remain – If the Science Minister says so, it will be so, believe me – The Minister said and also informed him of the agreement he concluded with the authorities of Adam Mickiewicz University.

We agreed with the university authorities that the university will apply to the ministry for the money this year and will receive it. So you can immediately proceed to prepare the construction design. It will be financed from a special support fund for municipal and social rental housing.

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Added: 14 December 2023 17:51

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