May 30, 2023


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Italy.  'La Republica': 80% of citizens support the duty to vaccinate against COVID-19

Italy. ‘La Republica’: 80% of citizens support the duty to vaccinate against COVID-19

Prime Minister Mario Draghi recently admitted at a press conference in which he called for an extension of the vaccination obligation explicitly.

The daily “Roman” reported the result of a poll conducted in recent days by the “Demos Opinion Research” institute. 64 percent of Italians prefer to vaccinate everyone. Another 17 percent. However, it is in favor of introducing this requirement for some age or occupational groups.

78 percent of the country’s residents agree to use a COVID-19 card, issued on the basis of a vaccination, treatment or test from the last 48 hours. It is indispensable in Italy when entering many confined spaces and is a prerequisite for travel on trains, planes, ferries, ships and buses between high-speed provinces and through cities.

In the same poll, more than two-thirds (69%) of citizens supported Draghi’s actions.

Daily “Il Messaggero” reports that the government plans to introduce a health traffic requirement, such as Green Pass, at all businesses from October. The newspaper adds that this document will lead the economy.

Earlier, according to the media, the order in the public administration was scheduled to enter into force.

As of September 1, all school employees must have a green card.

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