Avatar: Water Creature – Deleted scene found online.  The ending could have been more dramatic

Deleted scene from Avatar: Water creaturewhich depicts an extended version of the final duel between Neytiri (Zoe Saldana(I am Quarichim)Stephen Lang). At the film’s climax, the film’s antagonist takes Kerry hostage (Sigourney Weaver), in response to which Jake’s wife Sully (Sam Worthington(He threatens the spider with a knife)Jack Champion) He is the son of Quaritch. This part is one of the most dramatic parts of Avatar 2 and presents the character of Neytiri in a completely different light. The heroine will do anything to save her family, even deciding to take such a fateful step.

Avatar: Water Creature – Deleted Scene

In the film’s original scene, the heroine stabs Spider in the stomach before eventually relenting and releasing the boy. The deleted version is a bit longer and has Neytiri still threatening Quaritch’s son with a knife, even when the antagonist lets her daughter go. After a while, Sully steps in and calms his partner down, causing Spider to be released. Neytiri doesn’t do it delicately, but throws the boy onto the deck of the sinking ship.

It is not known why James Cameron I rejected this version of the scene, but it seemed like it would have unnecessarily shown Neytiri’s overprotective brutality towards her family. This moment in the original film was surprising enough and didn’t need any more violence. Additionally, it would have created more tension between Neytiri and Sully, which may not have worked in the finale of Avatar: The Water Creature itself.

We will find out after the premiere if the creators will return to this topic Avatar 3It is scheduled for December 19, 2025.

Avatar 2 can be watched on Disney+.

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