Israel: the invisible antivirus mask is becoming a reality

Face masks protect wearers from life-threatening infections Airways of all kinds. But They also cause harmful psychological effectsSuch as limiting facial recognition and emotion recognition, making it difficult for people to understand what those wearing them are saying.

Wearing masks throughout the workday also leads to a lack of focus, as well as a lack of interest and patience in many jobs. Physiological oral communication also decreasesAs well as headaches and skin problems.

as a result of these difficulties Many people wear masks incorrectly – on or under the lips – greatly reducing protection. The Jerusalem Post described the problem faced by the Haifa researchers: “Even in Japan, where face masks are common, a large study found that only 20 percent of people wear them properly.”

A team led by Professors Moshe Shoham and David Greenblatt has come up with a radical new solution to the dilemma of the traditional mask by creating a mask An “air shield” is not visible in front of the user’s face. The air stream is produced by a small, Lightweight device mounted on the cover protector.

It “blows” all viruses out of the face Mask wearer, carefully covering eyes, nose, and mouth without limiting facial identification, emotion recognition, or oral communication. The air filter is also reusable, so it does not pollute the environment like the disposable plastic filters used around the world.

newly Published studies based on experiments conducted at the Greenblatt laboratory prove the effectiveness of the air shield, Effectively blocking aerosols generated during oral contact, as well as large droplets generated during coughing and sneezing.

The Technion recently licensed the technology to Wisdome Wearables Ltd. The Jerusalem Post reports that the startup is currently in the process of commercializing the product and is looking for partners to implement this pioneering technology for the benefit of people at risk from respiratory viruses.

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