The N-word: Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge is being taken on Instagram

A strange video of Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, in which the actor seems to want to refer to the expression “Work like a N…”, sparked the ire of Internet users on Instagram on Friday evening.

In between, the actor and the director come up with a surprising idea To broadcast a video Where do we see him in the forest?

“Sometimes, life is all about hard work. Work hard. There is an expression that sums it up very well. “Sometimes, it's like saying, 'I have a big job,'” Lemay-Thevierge begins by saying in her video.

Then the man turns and wraps an arm around a birch tree with the word “Nikka” engraved on it.

Angry reactions were not long in coming. “What's wrong with you?!?! You think you're funny? If you want to ruin your life or destroy yourself, do it in your corner like a big boy, but don't involve us in it!”, particularly outraged comedian Eddie King.

Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge, formerly ubiquitous in the Quebec media world, lost several contracts during the Covid-19 pandemic – Including the post of Hyundai spokesperson – to his posts, especially the one who refused to vaccinate.

In 2022, he created a certain confusion By inviting himself to the stage at the Prix Gémeaux GalaHost Véronique interrupted Cloutier to begin a speech where she talked about the importance of voting and settling scores with the arts community.

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