Alexandra Diaz reveals her favorite dish to cook in an air fryer

Less than a week after the release of her cookbook, “Love is in the Air Fryer,” Alexandra Diaz made a surprising revelation in an interview with Isabel Peron.

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Inspired by a work colleague in her 20s, the author found cooking with an air fryer “a lot of fun”.

She notes that the recipes in her book allow you to “live a healthy lifestyle.”

Among the dishes that Diaz recommends in the air fryer, we find fruit, to the great surprise of cultural journalist Isabelle Perón.

“Bananas, apples, peaches… you fry the peaches. If you have the grill, it's a little barbecued, and you add a little maple syrup and oil,” he says, adding peaches to a burrata with basil.

“You grill your apples, your pears, you square them, you turn them. You can put them in your salad.

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In an interview with LCN, Alexandra Diaz confirms that her recipe book stands out from what has been done before.

“By buying 'air fryer' books, I couldn't figure out what I ate,” she explains.

*Watch the interview in the video above*

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