'Deadpool & Wolverine': Director Shawn Levy talks about the upcoming production

“Deadpool Wolverine” Shawna Liviego, the latest Marvel Studios film, will hit theaters on July 26, 2024. The brand that once dominated the box office hasn't fared well lately. The Marvel logo was once a guarantee of quality and box office success. However, films like “Eternity”, “Thor: Love and Thunder”, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Obsession” And “Marvels” It was met with lukewarm or mixed reception from audiences and critics. Their revenues were also lower than the studio's expectations. Some of them did not even recover the costs of production and marketing.

The new adventures of Deadpool and Wolverine may change that. The film is highly awaited by fans. The first trailer, which debuted during the Super Bowl, was viewed more than 365 million times in the first 24 hours.

This is because of the title characters. I will be back Hugh Jackman For the role of Wolverine after a seven-year break. Ryan Reynolds, in turn, will play Deadpool six years later. These long periods date back to Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox. The former has had the rights to characters associated with the X-Men for a long time. Even after signing the deal, Disney was unable to immediately put mutants in new Marvel films. He later did so in episodes of V.I “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” And “wonders.”

Levi's film will serve as a complete introduction to the X-Men universe in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which began with “iron mana” In 2008. When Disney acquired Fox, work was already underway on a third Deadpool movie. The first part of the mouthy mercenary's adventure turned out to be an unexpected hit in 2016. The R-rated comedy, which made $58 million, far less than most comic book productions, was a hit at the box office and received rave reviews. It was similar as it continued from 2018. It was clear that if Marvel Studios wanted to leave anyone from the old cast of X-Men comic book adaptations, it would be Reynolds.

Fans wondered if the inclusion of the mercenary in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would “tame” him. Deadpool was known for its vulgar humor and explicit language. However, the first clip dispelled all doubts. Even Bob Iger, the head of Disney, defended keeping the R rating. In turn, Reynolds posted a photo of himself with Mickey Mouse ears on social media.

Levy was attached to direct the film in early 2022. He also announced that there would be no departure from the vibe of Deadpool's existing comic book adaptations. “There was no way I was going to reinvent the wheel, especially since the old one still works so beautifully. Disney and Marvel, all of them from the beginning to the end of GI, allowed Ryan and me to make the movie we dreamed of,” the director said in an interview with the agency. Associated Press.

The whole thing came together when Jackman agreed to return to the role of Wolverine. The actor began his career as the most popular member of the X-Men. He has played this role nine times so far. However, at the end of the movie “Logan: Wolverine” As of 2017, his character is dying, and Jackman himself has announced that he will hang up his claws and retire from the world of superheroes. This conflicted with the vision of Reynolds, who from the beginning wanted the two characters to meet on the big screen.

Naturally, alternate universes turned out to be useful here, and are now one of the main themes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks to them Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and the monster (Kelsey Grammer). This means Jackman could appear alongside Reynolds without canceling the finale of Logan: Wolverine. “It's a really interesting pairing,” Levy said. “They're built for great conflict because they're so different. That's what makes the story so good, because the best stories about two characters, whether it's 'Before Midnight' or '48 Hours' or 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles.' They're driven by conflict, but viewers will see This story has a lot to offer.

The director also made no secret that the dynamics of the film were influenced by his real friendship with Reynolds and Jackman. “Then you can try weird things on set and not be afraid to fail. Some of them won't work and will be temporarily embarrassing. However, if you're with your family, it's good to be silly sometimes in search of something surprising and unexpected.” “The film is full of comedic and personal moments that we did not expect and that were a result of the freedom of our friendship.”

The MCU has managed to accustom viewers to the fact that in order to fully understand the plot of the new film, it is necessary to watch one, two, and sometimes three productions from previous years. However, Levy said there's no need to “do your homework” to enjoy Deadpool and Wolverine's upcoming adventures.

“I was a good student in school. As an adult, I will also do my homework. But I definitely have no intention of doing my homework when I go to the movies,” he told the AP. “This video is for entertainment purposes only and there is no obligation to prepare any prior research.”

The director did not want to comment on fan speculation about what will happen in the film and what its impact will be on the entire Marvel Universe. “The amount of rumors surrounding the film is amazing,” Levy admitted. “However, expectations [wobec produkcji] “It's high, which is a nice situation.”

Deadpool and Wolverine will premiere in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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