The war in Ukraine: the mobilization of artists for peace

Sanctions, condemnations, cancellations: In the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, artists from all over the world refuse to sit idly by. This is not an exhaustive list of gestures and words condemning the war by Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent days.

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Prayer for Ukraine Live Saturday night

The comedy led to a powerful call for peace on Saturday evening Live Saturday night. In a more symbolic gesture, the producers abandoned the traditional opening scene and asked the New York-based Ukrainian choir to perform Dumka instead. Prayer for Ukraine In front of a table, the classification of candles pronounced the word Kiev.

Academics sing in silence

Star Academy He used a variety of Sunday evenings to show his support for the Ukrainian people.

Before announcing the candidate to pack his bags, participants sang John Lennon’s silent anthem recorded in Montreal: Give peace a chance.

The personality of Russia Not free

Like the sports world, major cultural institutions are expelling Russia from their events. The same goes for the popular Eurovision song contest that will prevent the Russians from entering in 2022.

In London, the Royal Opera House has canceled scheduled Bolshoi ballet performances this summer. President Putin’s fierce bodyguard, conductor Valerie Kerkiev, was removed from a poster in Carnegie Hall in New York (and replaced by Yannick Knesset-Seguin), which was followed by other companies.

The stars raise their voices

“Hitler is coming to attack us again. Stevie Knicks did not condemn Vladimir Putin’s actions. She is not alone. From Elton John to Madonna via Mick Jagger, dozens of stars have raised their voices since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict. The war erupted during the SAG awards ceremony in Hollywood on Sunday evening, where Leslie Odom Jr. and Michael Keaton made sure the fate of the Ukrainians could not be forgotten in the evening.

Condemns a Russian rapper

In a bid to condemn the Russian invasion, Oxxxymiron, one of Russia’s most popular rappers, has canceled a series of six concerts sold in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“When Russian missiles fall on Ukraine, I can not please the people when the inhabitants of Kiev are forced to hide in the basement and tunnels, and when people die,” he declared.

Sean Benn on the field

Actor, director and activist Sean Benn has chosen to walk in the speech. The Ukrainian presidential services said on social media that he was in Kiev to shoot a documentary “to tell the world the truth about Russia’s invasion of our country.”

Says there is no Green Day

Sing in Russia? Green Day, which announced its complete cancellation of its concert at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow, scheduled for May 29, is out of the question. “Now is not the time for rock shows in theaters,” the US team said.

This could be followed by other big names from the two major summer festivals that will feature concerts by OneRepublic, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Image Dragons, Beijork, Eric Clapton and The Killers, Gorillas, Ikea Pop on Russian soil over the next few months. Slipknot and many Western stars are on the show. “At the moment, I do not believe any of these concerts will happen,” Geoff Meall, an agent for the influential company Paradigm, told Variety.

Tea Snyder: Yes to the Ukrainians, Do not wear anti-masks

Twisted sister heavy metal singer Dee Snyder admitted it We will not take itHis band’s victory in 1984 turned into a rally of Ukrainians against the Russian invasion.

“My grandfather was a Ukrainian before the country was swallowed up by the Soviet Union after World War II. It will never happen to them again,” Snyder explained. We will not take it To promote their cause.

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