France: Successful reunion of Cowboys Friends

Lyons | In front of 10,000 cheering fans who disobeyed the instruction to wear a mask during the concert, the Fringent Cowboys performed a successful reunion with the French people in Lyon on Friday evening.

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For a good two and a half hours, it was as if there was no infection.

Halle Tony-Cornier’s Bleachers were in the crowd, and in front of the stage, thousands of people, all ages, almost all covered their faces, sang with Carl Trembley and clapped happily. Just like before Kovit-19, we also had the right to a good age Physical arousalStarring the enthusiastic bassist Jerome Dubras.

Also, no one inside the guard tried to tell the audience to wear a mask. The party took over, doing nothing.

I have to say that the Cowboys Friends last went to France in the summer of 2019.

When Mary-Annick LeBron appeared on stage performing some songs from her most recent solo album, as the opening show, there was already electricity in the air.

“Mary-Annick, we love you,” one fan shouted.

The cheers were intense, but it was nothing compared to the festive atmosphere that set in when the band started in the evening rocking the energetic version of the band. Everything is the same housesFrom the album AntibodiesWhose songs have not been performed live in Europe.

America is crying Caught the bull’s eye

And this is one of the group’s question marks, with whom Newspaper I was able to chat a few hours before the concert. Get the latest big hits America is crying And On my shoulder Are they going to get the same positive response in France as in Quebec?

The answer was yes. Good students, the French sang the words of two songs in chorus America is cryingHundreds of cell phones were immortalized at that moment.

The public repeated the plot of the singers on several occasions, especially when Remy And always appreciated Merchant NavyIt became mandatory at the end of the concert.

“Playing in front of so many people is so much fun and touching,” Carl Trembley told his teammates.

The group had to return to the stage for the second show, which seemed unplanned, prolonging the evening with sympathetic and awkward interpretation. Pub Royal Solo on guitar by Carl Tremble.

Now Paris

This electrifying evening set the stage for the much-anticipated concert at the Accor Arena in Light City, formerly Paris-Percy, on Saturday evening.

Even if the support of the mainstream French media could not be trusted, after playing in Zenith and Olympia, the team would have achieved the feat of performing in the biggest arenas in Paris.

How to explain this growing stigma in Europe?

“Like Quebec, we’re a word-of-mouth group, but fifteen years behind us. Our public is very mobilized,” Jerome Dubras responds.

“People project themselves, they love Quebec,” says Carl Tremble. They may come to see a small part of Quebec live on stage. Plus, our shows are really festive. ⁇

No one will contradict him.

The biggest concert in Lyon since the beginning of 2020

Lyon – The Cowboys Fringe concert in Lyon was of great symbolic value, as it was the first time since the outbreak that the artist had attracted more than 10,000 people standing in Halle Tony-Garnier.

The last such large crowd gathered in Lyon’s main concert hall in early 2020 to see the American metal band Slipknot.

“In the current context, it’s liberating. There are a lot of icons, it’s a resumption of concerts, the bar can run normally, people can have a party, even if they’m masked,” said General Theory Pilot, director of the hall. The Newspaper Met at his office on Friday afternoon.

The Tony-Cornier Hall is also severely affected by the aftermath of the corona virus. While the fall may seem like a good start, the room, which can accommodate 5,000 to 17,000 people, had to temporarily close its doors in January during the Omicron wave.

“They endured”

Like us, uncertainty reduces the audience’s excitement. Ticket sales were embarrassed by several delays, Mr. Plot mentions.

The fact that the Cowboys can play Franks in front of 10,000 people in this situation proves the strength of their relationship with their French fans.

“It simply came to our notice then. That means there is real excitement To live Brave Cowboys. This is not clear to all artists, “said Theory Pilate.

Although he has only been Hall’s director since April 2021, Thierry Pilot has excelled in assessing the growing popularity of the Quebec group in France.

In the early 2000s, he managed a small 600-seat auditorium in Lyon, Ningxi, when an association contacted him to organize a Cowboys Fringe concert.

“I said, ‘What is this? I do not know them at all,'” he recalled.

He agreed after listening to the music. He did well. “Every day, we get calls from people with Quebec accents who want to book seats. Already, at that time, it was on fire.”

Since then the fire has continued to spread.

Early French fan: “We have been waiting a long time for this show”

Cedric Lagerre, who attended the Lyon concert, has been a Cowboys friend for many years.

Photo by Cedric Belinger

Cedric Lagerre, who attended the Lyon concert, has seen the Cowboys Fringe “40 to 50 times” over the years.

Cédric Laugère received a ticket to see the Cowboys Fringants at Christmas 2019, and even though he is the father of a four-month-old baby girl, he is going to miss the return of his favorite group to Europe for anything in the world. .

“We’ve been waiting so long for this show,” said this longtime fan, who we met before the concert in Lyon on Friday evening.

Cédric Laugère is a true fanatic. He fell in love with listening to a Sansonian sing Autumn musicDuring his stay at Montreal in Les 2 Pierrots in 2002, he lost count of the number of times he saw them on stage.

After six months in Quebec, he left for France with the album in his luggage Union breakdown.

“I was at the Élysée Montmartre in Paris, on their first date. The following year, it’s Sunny Day, and then in 2006, in Zenith with Robert Charleboiss. Since then, I’ve seen them 40 to 50 times,” explains the proud Cousin T-shirt wearer. , Which is a group of serious French cowboys fans.

He followed them to France, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria, not to mention the concerts he attended at home, in the Bell Center, but in Drummondville and Saint-Césaire.

Quebec Nostalgia

If he really likes the band, it is primarily due to the lyrics by Jean-François Pauzé. “There is a connection with nature, a critique of the current society. We find that fringants are less in meaningful business songs than in Cowboys songs.”

Even nostalgia. “Thanks to their music, I saw Quebec again.

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