The mysterious magnetism of the sun.  Scientists have discovered something important

The sun’s magnetism has been something of a mystery to scientists for many years – because although researchers have known about its existence for a very long time, it was not fully known. Where the star’s magnetic field is created.

“We’re not sure exactly where the magnetic field originates on the Sun,” Dean Pesnell, a space scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said less than a decade ago. This mystery has puzzled scientists for centuries. Now a breakthrough has been made in this topic.

The sun creates heat Plasma that is formed and controlled by magnetic fields and gravity. The strong field is also associated with the formation of spots on the Sun’s surface, leading to solar flares. The occurrence of storms observed from Earth is associated with solar storms Northern lights shaped glasses.

Many findings have been made about this star, yet there is still one very important question that remains a mystery – Where does the Sun’s magnetic field actually come from? Scientists say that by using NASA’s supercomputer and performing a series of complex calculations, they were able to discover where the solar magnetic field was generated.

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