“A certain lobby group in the House of Representatives is putting forward such projects.”  Telus for Hołownia deputies hope to make profits

Last week, the Sejm dealt with the Restore Sunday Trading Bill introduced by Ryszard Petrow and the Poland 2050 MPs. On Telewizja Republika, Adrian Stankowski spoke to politicians of various options about the solutions included in the project. Jolanta Milas from Poland 2050 confirmed this to be the case “Mr. Ryszard Pietro’s Law”which he does not agree to.

You can’t say that, replied Robert Tilos (PiS), who visited an outdoor studio in Soljov. “The bill was not introduced by Ryszard Pietro himself, but by… 15 deputies had to sign it” – confirmed. He described it as “a typical lobbying action targeting supermarkets.”

There is a pressure group in Parliament that proposes such projects because there is someone to reward them in some way

– said Telus.

He also criticized the provisions of the law itself, saying that it breaks social ties. “In Poland, it is customary for Sunday to be a day off from work. Trade does not contribute anything, it is supposed to take money from the market, not give it. Trade does not build, it does not produce. This is only made for supermarkets“- said the former Minister of Agriculture.

Telos pointed out that deputies from the left and the Law and Justice Party were against continuing work on the project presented by Poland 2050, but not from the Union.

I’m sorry that my Confederate colleagues, who often have similar views to us, are here with the civic platform and want to work on this bill. Let us be together in such matters. The national value is the family, and this law destroys the family

– said the representative of the Law and Justice Party.

Piotr Kalita during Petro's speech

Watch the live broadcast of Telewizja Republika:

Source: nielezna.pl, Telewizja Republika

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