The Unreal series has been pulled from sale and is losing multiplayer
Dec 14, 2022, 18:29

Next year, Unreal Games will lose access to online features, as will a few other products, and they’re already disappearing from sale.

Image courtesy of Epic Games.

And the

epic games plans Disable online features in selected older games for computers and consoles. From Jan 24th All games from From the Unreal seriespowered by Harmonix (incl Central Dance Seriesexcept for the VR version) and a few other products will only allow multiplayer fun in local mode.

The company made such a decision to focus solely on supporting the free service package Epic Online Servicesview the shared friend list, parental controls, and more.

Games without features online

  1. 1000 tiny tentacles
  2. Dance Center 1-3
  3. Green Day: Rock Band
  4. Monsters (most likely) stole my princess
  5. Rockband 1-3
  6. The Beatles: Rock Band
  7. Supersonic missile-powered acrobatic combat vehicles
  8. Not real gold
  9. Unreal II: The Awakening
  10. Unreal Championship 2003
  11. Unreal Championship 2004
  12. Unreal tournament 3
  13. Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition

Epic Games has already begun pulling the aforementioned products and add-ons from digital distribution (including Steam; example via SteamDB). series now Not real Still available at store.

Also, the game has been removed Hatoful boyfriend And the Hatofull Friend: Vacation stay In macOS and Linux versions as well as mobile devices drop mix. Until December 30th, the free-to-play tactical RPG will also be disabled Battle breakerswhich debuted in 2019.

Fortunately, the company also announced this Unreal Tournament III Set to receive online features again within the Epic Online Services. No deadline is set, so you have to be patient – I hope so Despite everything Epic Games will be returning to this series or at least fans will be bringing back the network functionality of the popular shooters themselves.

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