Stefano Lavarini announced the list participating in the upcoming Nations League tournament.  There are great returns for the Polish national team

In the full squad for this year’s European Nations League announced Stefano Lavariniego Although 30 volleyball players are listed, Italy can only take 14 players in each regular stage tournament. And that’s it There were a lot of surprises during the first datesBecause Antalya ran out Malwina SmrzykWho showed her good side during the debate with the Netherlands.

Joanna Volosz also did not go to Türkiye, Who was resting after a long season in the league in Italy. However, both players will appear in Arlington, USA – and Smartzyk and Foch were among those called up to participate in the Second Nations League tournament, as the Polish Volleyball Federation announced on social media on Thursday. However, Agnieszka Korneluk was absent from the team, He performed admirably in the first three matches in Antalya, but did not play against Japan due to health problems.

Polish national team squad for the Second Nations League:

Attackers: Magdalena Stesiak, Malwina Smrzyk

Midfielders: Katarzyna Winierska, Joanna Wolosz

Hosting: Martina Lukasik, Natalia Miedrzyk, Monika Fidosio, and Martina Czernyanska

middle: Claudia Alajerska, Jeronica Sinka, Magdalena Jurczyk, Joanna Bacak

Freedom: Justyna Lysiak, Alexandra Szczyglowska

Polish volleyball players defend their position as leaders in the Nations League

Polish volleyball players The second Nations League championship It starts on May 28, when they face the Serbs in Arlington. They will then play matches against South Korea (May 30), Germany (May 31) and the United States (June 1).

“I am always very conservative in assessing that we are already world leaders. I am afraid of inflating the balloon, because we are in the Olympic season. However, it is clear that Polish women have reached such a level that other teams would like to play sparring with them, and I want to compete with them,” she said. “Every match with us has value.”

The best works of the Polish volleyball team in the first week of the European Nations League. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Stefano Lavarini/ Andrey Ivanchuk/East News

Polish national volleyball players/Andrzej Iwanczuk/Reporter/Reporter

Polish national volleyball players/Maciej Napora/East News/East News

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