‘Gangster Depression’: Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal on popular comedy

Crystal De Niro mentioned that “Gangster depression” It was released in theaters on the same day as Seduction School, with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, and… Ryanem Philip. “The box office results came out and I was screaming, ‘Oh my God, oh my God!’ We were absolutely blown away by them,” Crystal recalls. “It was one of the best nights of my life that I shared with this man. We made a movie and loved working together and created something that people are still laughing at 25 years later.”

“I wasn’t afraid [wyniku frekwencyjnego]. I had a nice banquet to celebrate the film’s premiere, and was told that I had done a very good job. Of course I was happy with the summit. “We reached a level in this film that we did not expect,” De Niro said.

Crystal remembers how the first draft of his script came to him Kenitha Lonerjanalater an Academy Award winner for “Manchester by the sea”. They, along with Peter Tolan, decided to take the jokes up a notch. They read every line, imitating Robert De Niro. Although the actor was not hired to play Paul Vitti, the depressed mafia boss, the creators couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role. However, it was not certain whether the actor would agree to it. In 1999, he didn’t have much comedy experience yet.

The discussion moderator pointed out that the film was released a few weeks after the first episode was shown “The Sopranos”. Many people believe that “Gangster Depression” is a parody of the series, although both projects were created in parallel. Crystal will point out that in 1939, Billy Wilder came up with the idea for a film about a gangster while in therapy. But he did not develop it into a screenplay.

Harold Ramis’s Gangster Depression grossed $18 million on its first day, a record for both actors. The film, released in March 1999, was about a brutal mafia boss (De Niro) who begins suffering from panic attacks. Finally, he decides to visit a psychiatrist. She chose Dr. Ben Sobel (Crystal). He’s facing a number of problems of his own, and an offer he can’t refuse from a local mafia member is the last thing he needs.

In 2004, a sequel to “Gangster Depression Relapse” was produced. De Niro and Crystal reprized their roles in it.

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