Fast and Furious 10 movie review. It’s time to lose

The “Fast and the Furious” series, which has been on screens for more than 20 years, was meant to be seen from the first roar of the engine as a clumsy cross between “a thousand miles and miles” and “one hundred uses of speed” Dominic Toretto’s car. It’s no different. The tenth time, although – as it happens with a slowly closing universe – the emotions and emotional overtones of the inevitable end of this bizarre story, however, the amazingly infernal story prevails over the bizarre action scenes.There are no surprises, because there simply cannot be any. After all, the conquest of space with a dilapidated and registered car has no right to conquer anything.

Repertoire of Tri-City cinemas

In the previous installment, the authors of one of the most iconic series in the history of action cinema took the degree of absurdity literally and figuratively out of Earth’s orbit, significantly narrowing the room for maneuver in the course of the two final productions. “The Fast and the Furious” is probably just time travel, though so far at least the exact DeLorean hasn’t fallen into the hands of Toretto and company. Time in the case of the “Fast X” plays quite a major role anyway, because all the controls on the dashboards clearly alert that this 20-plus-year journey is about to end. In any case, the creators of the “ten” remind us of this on almost every straight line and at every turn.

“Fast and Furious” is almost like the Avengers

Street rebels have long since abandoned illegal racing in favor of the mission to save the world. In recent years, they’ve been more like robotic “freaks” to superheroes, so it should come as no surprise that The Fast and the Furious got their own version of “Endgame” from producers and director Louis Leterrier. In fact, the movie “War Without Borders” because “Ten” is only a prelude to the “great finale” that we are preparing for in the eleventh film of the series. There are a lot of similarities to Marvel closing down the universe. From the powerful archenemy, through nostalgic flashbacks and throwing nearly everyone in the series into hell, to the shocking, heartbreaking finale.

All of these were shown, of course, with the exaggeration characteristic of that trademark, burning with a lust for revenge on the diabolical Dante Toretto (Jason Momoa) has greater resources and driving forces than Thanos himself, passionate talk of family power trumps the highest level of kitsch, and the final demolition on a Portuguese highway reminds us for the umpteenth time of Toretto’s first law of motion: if car A is affected by the force of car B, you need to run Nitro. “Fast and the Furious” for a long time embarrassed even Tom Cruise and “Mission: Impossible” with their absurdity. “Ten” is confirmation not only of this, but also of the fact that the level of the best “five” in this series has never been repeated.

Some old charm and humor are back…

Anyway, the segment primarily set in Rio de Janeiro marks the opening of the new “Fast and the Furious,” in which we learn the villain’s motive and the consequences of the robbery Toreto planned (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker). Deprived of a loyal companion, Dom now has to single-handedly defend the entire family from Dante’s revenge, which will not be an easy task, given the fact that the entire team has been divided into several subgroups, among which Jacob Toretto’s Journey is perhaps the most fun to watch (John Cena) and his nephew (Leo Abel Perry). It is a pity that the creators of the series got so late to Cena’s comedic potential.

The latest movie offerings – rate

so complete heresy There’s the devilish face of Jason Momoa and the black humor that Dante loves. One scene in particular (a bizarre “garden party”), as in “The Fast and the Furious,” is very gritty and makes you cry. Although Momoa’s character is cruelly exaggerated at times, this particular villain brings more to the series than Cypher (Charlize Theron) or once Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham).

New patents, which can be expected, we will not see more in the “Ten”. According to the rules of the movie ending, the creators are more willing to use proven schemes than novelties. For example, street racing, which we haven’t seen in this series for a long time, is back. However, the recurring vision of nausea is abandoned to save the world, because this time it is necessary to save the intangible, that is, family love and friendship. The plot, though still fragmentary and incoherent, makes more sense than in the previous two parts. We’ve finally tried to tell a story, though this time it’s done at the expense of action scenes.

…but all the old sins come back too

There is not a lot of fast and furious. In fact, it can be reduced to the Italian game of billiards, where the ball is a blazing bomb rolling through half of Rome and the adrenaline-filled last quarter. Unfortunately, it is probably the worst in the history of the series and it’s not just about breaking another ceiling of absurdities (with what is in the end, say, the submarine race, it’s a trifle), but also about the poor implementation of bad ideas. There are plenty of brawls, as they happen in the Louis Leterrier movies (a perfectly choreographed duel between Letty and Cypher).

Despite the change in director’s position and the wooing of some new characters, nothing fundamentally changes here, which is why all the deadly sins return in the series. of Tig’s increasingly annoying verbal skirmishes (Ludacris) with Roman (Tyrese Gibson), due to adhesion problems with a large number of sutures and unused han (Sun Kang) to the complete absence of the identity of this scene, which is already the main problem of the cycle from the above-mentioned “five”. Then it was perfect balance Between telling stories and telling fictional stories to motorists. Perhaps this was the last moment in this series, when hyperexciters still served a thing and operated relatively according to the laws of physics. Then the producers lost touch with reality, and the entire “Fast and the Furious” series went into anti-gravity mode.

That doesn’t change the fact that we are, after all, dealing with a kind of cinematic phenomenon that has been going on for over 20 years. on time First time “That” Michael Schumacher dominated the Formula One circuits, Robert Kubica was knocking on the door of the “queen” of motorsports, and fans of four wheels on home computers tortured the first views of “Gran Turismo” or “Need for speed”. Needless to say, how much reality has changed over the past two decades and how much The Fast and the Furious has changed. From street paths, the series has moved to Earth’s orbit, although in this case the path to the stars is not synonymous with success, but rather with impotence.

Rating: 5/10

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