Credit Agricole.  New price list from September 2023, changes for you main account holders

Credit Agricole will make changes to its price list at the end of September. The bank’s press office told TVN24 Biznes that “changes in fees are mainly dictated by rising inflation – costs for most services are going up.” Holders of the flagship “Account for You” can pay more for holding the account and card as well as for ATM withdrawals in Poland. In recent days, mBank has also announced changes for customers.

Changes to the Credit Agricole price list will enter into force on September 24, 2023. “Changes in fees are dictated primarily by high inflation – the costs of most services are rising,” explained the bank’s press office.

“We also notice a significant increase in the use of electronic channels (CA24 eBank, mobile application) and card payments by our customers. The increases and changes introduced are aimed at encouraging our customers to use these channels, which remain free for our customers” – we read in the response sent to us.

“The salaries and benefits used by our clients are increasing,” representatives of the Credit Agricole bank noted.

Credit Agricole is making changes to the price list

The industry portal reports that Credit Agricole has sent information about changes to customers. What are they worried about?

Minor changes mainly relate to the increase in account and card fees (for your main account from PLN 9 to PLN 10) and withdrawals from ATMs in Poland (for your account from PLN 7 to PLN 9) – reported the press office of Credit Agricole.

In addition, the requirement to be exempt from this fee will change – from the minimum. 1000 zlotys per impact and min. 1 card or blik transaction per minute. The effect is 1500 PLN and a minute. 5 card or Blik transactions. “Customer behavior shows that both their receipts and the frequency of card / electronic card payments are increasing, and therefore it is easier for our customers to meet the new conditions,” the bank representatives assessed.

Credit Agricole also increases the fee for SMS notifications – from PLN 6 to PLN 7. At the same time, we introduced free PUSH notifications about transactions on the account, which the client can turn on at any time in the mobile application.

The foreign currency account fee will also change – from PLN 4 to PLN 5.

“We will not change the fees for transfers in the branch and on the hotline. Transfers requested by customers at CA24 eBank and the mobile application remain free for them,” the press office of Credit Agricole confirmed.

Recently, we also reported changes to mBank customers. At the end of September, it will be possible to request a transfer to a phone only to a recipient who uses Blik transfers. The announced amendments relate to the cancellation of transfers.

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