Oscar for basketball.  The only woman who can play in the NBA

Piotr Wesołowicz previously wrote about the history of American women on Sport.pl. In the 1970s, Lucia Harris was a female star Basketball. She started her sports career in high school. in one of matches Scored 40 points, more than the entire opposing team. Then she transferred to Delta State University and won three championships, 1975-1977 Leagues AIAW was elected three times best player Final tournament. Harris’ stats were impressive. The American scored an average of 25.9 points per game. In 115 matches, their results captured 63.3% of the team’s points. Harris was also called up to the national team and went to the Summer Olympics in 1976. There the basketball player won the silver medal and became the first woman in gaming history to score points.

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One of the teams was impressed by these achievements NBA. In 1977, the New Orleans Jazz offered Harris a place on his team. However, the American did not accept this offer. Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Currywho became producers of the film.

Suddenly, the NBA game stopped. Fans were asked to leave. Firefighters entered the dance floor

The basketball queen wins an Oscar. Tears of emotion in the audience

A short film about Lucia Harris’ life premiered in July 2021. The production quickly gained publicity and was nominated for an Academy Award. On Sunday, during St. Los AngelesThe film won the most valuable prize. Emotions arose in the audience, and many people believed that this event was another great summary of the life of the basketball player who passed away in January 2022.

After the awards ceremony, the director, Ben Broadfoot, took the floor via the Associated Press.

“If anyone ever doubts that there is an audience for female athletes, whether their stories are valuable, entertaining or simply important… let this award be the answer,” said the American.

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The “Queen of Basketball” director talks about Britney Grenier. “Let her go home”

The ceremony also witnessed the continuous invasion of the East. During his speech, Ben Broadfoot demanded the release of the two-time Olympic gold medalist, Britney Greiner from the nursery. The American woman was arrested in Russia a week after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Griner traveled to Moscow to play for Russian club UMMC Yekaterinburg during the off-season WNBA. The American woman was arrested on suspicion of large-scale drug smuggling. American women face up to 10 years in prison. According to the media, Greiner may be a bargaining chip for the Russian dictator in negotiations with the United States.

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