The most beautiful gallery in Europe in our neighbor's place?  I made sure

  • Lithuania is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination among Poles, who are drawn to the magical Christmas markets in the run-up to Christmas.
  • In Vilnius, we can enjoy a magnificent Christmas tree, which in recent years has been repeatedly recognized as the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe.
  • For the Christmas atmosphere, it is also worth going to the Christmas markets in Kaunas
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The material was created during a trip organized as part of business cooperation with the company “Lithuania Travel”.

Just 150 km from the Polish border, there is a winter wonderland that delights with an extraordinary Christmas atmosphere from 1 December. It is worth going there just before Christmas and visiting the charming exhibits. A must-see is definitely the fair in the capital itself, but it's also worth going to the Christmas markets in Kaunas. The Christmas period, when Vilnius turns into a unique winter wonderland, could be the perfect time for an unforgettable city break.

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