The Russian Foreign Ministry warns the West.  “We will not leave without an answer.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Western countries are accused of escalating the conflict by allowing Ukraine to use long-range missiles and heavy weapons. The Kremlin notes that Ukraine used missiles delivered, among others, by the United States of America or Great Britain.

Russia respects the West

“We would like to warn you again Washington, London, Brussels and other Western capitalsAs well as Kiev, which they control, they are playing with fire. The statement said that Russia will not leave such actions without a response.

before Maria Zakharova – spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry It warned European Union countries that want to impose sanctions on Russian journalists and media.

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– If these measures are taken against Russian media and Russian journalists, even though Western correspondents do not want it, they will also have to feel our retaliatory measures. “We will respond very quickly and painfully to the Westerners,” Zakharova said.

A large-scale attack on Russia

Earlier, Ukraine implemented A massive night attack on the territory of southern Russia. The Kremlin reported that more than 100 Ukrainian drones were destroyed: 51 over Crimea, 44 over Krasnodar, six over Belgorod, another six over the Black Sea, and one over Kursk.

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He also attacked Port and oil depot in Novorossiysk. As Ukraińska Pravda reported, local residents counted 33 Ukrainian drones and more than 35 explosions.

The city authorities officially fired it “Failed attack attempt.” It was announced that 10 Ukrainian drones had been shot down. The authorities prevented residents from leaving their homes, and told parents to cancel all schools and educational institutions.

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