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Catherine Belton in the book “Putin’s People. How KGB recovered Russia And turned against the West ”I studied the anatomy of the Kremlin system. In communication with key people, I described how the dictator replaced Yeltsin’s politicians with a new generation of oligarchs. However, it turned out that even they are not satisfied with the current situation in Russia Russia. “His position is at stake today more than ever. Never before have so many informants spoken about the necessity of his departure, – said the author in an interview with “Le Figaro”.

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Putin is more at risk than ever. Decades destroyed by hard work

Catherine Belton lives in London. She works as an investigative journalist for Reuters. In 2007-2013 she was Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times. I previously wrote about Russia for the Moscow Times and Businessweek. In her opinion, the circle Russian President Vladimir Putin He completely did not believe in the escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which began in 2014. His people did not expect a large-scale attack on February 24, 2022.

Destroyed decades of hard work! That is why many people in the Russian secret service are angry with him. She said that the fact that he had to mobilize the population and lose at the front further weakened his position.

It also indicated that the announcement of partial mobilization was a shift against public interests. Breaking the deal not only with society, but also with the elite. This agreement provided them with stability, enrichment and the use of force in Russia and abroad. Why did Putin and his people suddenly run out of patience? One of those history-altering cases, I fear, played a role: Putin’s isolation during the last two years of the pandemic, assesses a former Financial Times correspondent in Moscow.

Recall, according to reports, the Russian satrap is the most feared viruses and the bacteria – particularly SARS-CoV-2 that causes it COVID-19. During a pandemic, he was supposed to hide in a bunker for a few months, maybe ten months or so. Thus, he earned the name “grandfather of the cellar” among opponents. Before contacting Putin, many people have to undergo multiple PCR tests and antibody tests twice in order to gain access to the so-called. Clean area.

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Putin means unpredictability. “History may repeat itself”

Catherine Belton quoted Russian journalist Konstantin Remchukov. – He told the BBC that Putin’s actions led to war Homepage. She stressed that Remchukov has always been very loyal to the Kremlin, so his statement is significant.

– Everyone agrees that Putin now means unpredictability. The enterprise is very concerned. This could lead to a repeat of the late 1980s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, when part security service I understood that changes are inevitable – and commented, referring to 1985, when the KGB supported perestroika [której efektem był upadek systemu monopartyjnego i rozpad ZSRR – red.].

“Since Putin is now unable to achieve victory, some of the security services see themselves as guardians of the regime that threatens him,” Belton said in an interview.

– So it is possible that history will repeat itself, and even if it is not patriots, then the account of the people will appear, who will save themselves and, by the way, the country, and try to open it up to the West again – she concluded.

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